7 Rules For Successfully Co-Parenting With An Ex You Don’t Get Along With

Source: Fatherly.com


  • Establish a detailed co-parenting plan outlining responsibilities and schedules to minimize conflicts
  • Set shared expectations and enforce consistency in rules and routines between households for stability
  • Stay flexible and open to compromises for changing schedules and emergencies
  • Avoid involving children in communication between ex-partners to prevent emotional strain
  • Keep communication functional and focused on the child’s well-being, without the need for personal or social interactions with the ex-partner


In conclusion, successful co-parenting post-divorce requires empathy, clear communication, and a child-focused approach. By establishing boundaries, setting shared expectations, and prioritizing the well-being of the child, ex-partners can create a cooperative and functional co-parenting relationship. Staying flexible, avoiding conflicts, and keeping communication respectful are key components in navigating the challenges of co-parenting and ensuring the stability and happiness of the children involved. Ultimately, by working together and extending empathy towards each other, ex-partners can create a positive co-parenting environment that benefits everyone involved.

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Source of image: Fatherly.com

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