America’s child care crisis is holding back moms without college degrees

Source: APnews

Incident overview:

  • High-quality child care in the United States is prohibitively expensive
  • Government assistance for child care is limited
  • Daycare openings can be hard to find
  • More than 1 in 10 young children had a parent who had to quit, turn down, or change a job due to child care problems
  • Women shoulder more child-rearing responsibilities and are more likely to leave a job to care for kids
  • Employment rates among mothers without college degrees have not recovered as much as those with a four-year degree
  • Mothers without college degrees are less likely to have paid leave and more likely to take unpaid time off or leave a job due to child care issues
  • The search for affordable child care can leave mothers feeling defeated, push them off career tracks, and cause financial distress
  • Stay-at-home moms in the U.S. are often mothers who have been pushed out of the workforce due to financial constraints related to child care costs.


The challenges faced by mothers like Nicole Slemp in accessing affordable and quality child care in the United States highlight a systemic issue that needs to be addressed. The high cost of child care, limited government assistance, and lack of available daycare openings can have a significant impact on women’s ability to maintain their careers and financial stability. There is a need for more support and resources to make child care more accessible and affordable for all families, ensuring that parents, especially mothers, are not forced to make difficult choices between their jobs and caring for their children. Addressing these challenges is crucial to promoting gender equality in the workforce and supporting the well-being of families across the country.

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America’s child care crisis is holding back moms without college degrees

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