Bill Gates explains the ‘safest’ age to give a kid a cellphone

Source: Upworthy Magazine

Incident Overview:

  • Bill Gates enforces strict rules on his children’s technology use:
  • They are not allowed to have cellphones until age 14.
  • Limits are set on screen time.
  • Gates’ children are banned from having any Apple products due to his rivalry with Steve Jobs.
  • Delaying childhood smartphone ownership is a trend, with the average age being 10.3 years.
  • Experts stress the need to assess a child’s maturity and responsibility before giving them a phone.


  • Setting boundaries and restrictions on children’s technology use can be beneficial for their well-being and development.
  • Delaying smartphone ownership for children until they reach a certain age can have advantages in terms of sleep habits and overall screen time management.
  • Expert opinions highlight the importance of mindful and intentional approaches to introducing technology to children.

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Source of Image: Upworthy Magazine

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