Bwala drags Lead British School to court, demands N500million damages

Source: The Guardian Newspaper

Incident overview

  • Namtira Bwala, a student at Lead British International School, has filed a civil suit against the school following a viral video showing her being bullied by fellow students.
  • The lawsuit seeks damages for breach of duty of care and negligent conduct by the school in failing to provide a safe learning environment.
  • Bwala is requesting N500,000,000 in general damages and a public apology in two national daily newspapers.
  • The suit includes declarations of the school’s negligent conduct in failing to prevent the assault, emotional distress, and breach of privacy Bwala endured.
  • The legal action highlights the impact of bullying and the responsibility of educational institutions in addressing and preventing such incidents.
  • The outcome of the case will have implications for student welfare and set a precedent for addressing bullying in schools.


Namtira Bwala’s civil suit against Lead British International School serves as a significant step towards seeking justice for the bullying she experienced and holding the school accountable for its duty of care towards students. The legal action underscores the importance of providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all students and highlights the serious consequences of negligence in addressing incidents of bullying. The outcome of this case will not only impact Bwala’s well-being but also set a precedent for how educational institutions handle and prevent bullying within their premises. It is a reminder of the legal rights and protections available to students and the need for schools to take proactive measures to ensure the safety and welfare of their students.

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Bwala drags Lead British School to court, demands N500million damages

Source of image: The Guardian Newspaper

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