Crisis-hit university students ordered to leave UK

Source: BBCNews

Incident Overview:

  • Nigerian students at Teesside University in the UK faced challenges paying tuition fees due to a currency crisis in Nigeria
  • Some students were expelled and reported to the Home Office for missing payments
  • Economic crisis in Nigeria with high inflation and devalued currency worsened the situation
  • Financial struggles, changes in payment plans, and lack of university support caused distress among students
  • Some students faced visa cancellations and were forced to leave the country
  • Despite university efforts to assist with payment plans, some students still couldn’t meet requirements


In conclusion, the challenges faced by Nigerian students at Teesside University in the UK due to financial struggles and currency crises highlight the importance of support and understanding in international student populations. The impact of visa cancellations and forced departures not only affects the students directly involved but also raises questions about the support systems in place for students facing financial difficulties. Moving forward, it is crucial for universities to reevaluate their financial support mechanisms and ensure that international students are provided with the necessary resources to succeed in their academic pursuits.

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Source of image: BBCNews

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