Family Reports that a 6-Week-Old Boy Passed Away Following an Attack by the Family Dog While in His Crib

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A tragic incident in Knoxville, Tennessee, has left a family grieving the loss of their newborn son, Ezra, after a sudden and unexpected attack by their family dog.

Incident Overview:

  • Mark and Chloe Mansoor, first-time parents, shared their heartbreaking story with local media outlets, emphasizing the unpredictability of the attack and warning others about the dangers of leaving children alone with pets.
  • Despite having the husky for eight years without prior signs of aggression, the dog attacked 6-week-old Ezra while he slept in his crib, resulting in his tragic death.
  • The grieving parents described Ezra as their everything, highlighting the devastating impact of the loss on their family.

Lesson for Parents:

Chloe Mansoor urged parents not to take any moment for granted, emphasizing the importance of cherishing every precious moment with their children. She emphasized the need to be vigilant regardless of a pet’s history, cautioning that any dog could pose a risk at any time.


Following the incident, the family’s dog has been removed from the home and placed in a local animal shelter, as per the organization’s statement. The tragic loss of baby Ezra serves as a reminder of the importance of pet safety and supervision, urging parents to prioritize the well-being of their children and take necessary precautions to prevent such heartbreaking incidents.

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