Gen Z And Millennial Teachers Say ‘iPad Kids’ Are Poorly Behaved & Impossible To Teach


In an insightful article by Francesca Duarte, modern educational challenges are explored, focusing on the difficulties Gen Z and Millennial teachers face with Generation Alpha, often referred to as ‘iPad Kids’. The story highlights concerns about these children’s behavior and teaching difficulties, as expressed by Teresa Kaye Newman, a 36-year-old teacher with experience across different generations.

Newman, who has taught Millennials, Gen Z, and now Gen Alpha, voiced her concerns on TikTok about the defiant and aggressive behavior of Gen Alpha students. She notes that these children, born between 2010-2025, show a significant lack of respect for authority, discipline, education standards, literacy, and social skills. This issue, according to Newman, stems from a generation of parents who fail to take accountability for their children’s upbringing, impacting the children’s ability to be self-sufficient, socialized, and kind.

The article further delves into the impact of the digital age on Gen Alpha. Growing up with unprecedented access to technology and social media, these children have had increased screen time, especially during the pandemic. This has led to a lack of traditional childhood experiences, such as playing outside, and has resulted in pent-up energy that manifests as disruptive behavior in classrooms.

Duarte’s article also discusses how these children, due to excessive electronic use and minimal interference from busy millennial parents, are lacking in basic manners and literacy skills. The piece underscores the challenges teachers face in educating and managing classrooms where children are accustomed to constant stimulation from screens and have been raised with little parental guidance or discipline.

In conclusion, the article by Francesca Duarte presents a comprehensive view of the challenges faced by teachers and parents in the era of digital upbringing, emphasizing the need for balanced parenting and the crucial role of teachers in shaping the future of a generation that has been profoundly influenced by technology.

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