My child asked me if I was Santa. I chose to tell him the truth, and it strengthened our relationship.

Source: Business Insider

In her heartfelt essay, Ashley Archambault recounts a significant moment with her 8-year-old son, highlighting the complexities of parenting and the essence of honesty in their relationship. During a regular dinner, her son, in a serious tone, requests the truth about Santa Claus. Faced with this delicate situation, Ashley decides to uphold honesty, affirming that she plays the role of Santa. This revelation prompts a deep conversation about the realities of the Santa tradition and the various roles parents play in keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.

Ashley delicately navigates her son’s questions and concerns. She explains that while Santa is a symbol of generosity and joy, not every child is fortunate enough to receive gifts, highlighting the inequality that exists even in such joyous celebrations. This conversation becomes an opportunity to impart important life lessons about empathy, kindness, and the true spirit of Christmas.

The son’s reaction to this revelation is reflective and thoughtful, rather than one of disappointment or betrayal. He grapples with the new information, especially troubled by the idea that some children don’t receive presents. Ashley introduces the historical figure of Saint Nicholas to provide context, emphasizing that the spirit of Santa is more about the joy of giving and less about the commercialized figure often portrayed.

In the days following this conversation, Ashley observes her son’s continued enthusiasm for Christmas traditions, indicating that the magic of the season transcends the literal existence of Santa. Her son’s participation in activities like writing a letter to Santa and unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning is tinged with a new understanding but is no less joyful.

This incident illuminates the importance of honesty in their relationship. Ashley realizes that her son’s question was not just about Santa’s existence but a test of trust and openness in their mother-son bond. By choosing truth over the perpetuation of a myth, she strengthens their relationship, instilling in her son a sense of security and trust in her.

Ashley’s reflection on this experience is one of pride and reassurance. She is confident that as her son grows older, he will continue to seek her guidance and trust her counsel, knowing she will always respond with honesty and respect his intelligence and emotional maturity. This moment of truth becomes a significant milestone in their relationship, teaching both the value of honesty and the enduring magic of Christmas, irrespective of the myths associated with it.

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