Sentencing delayed for depraved Glasgow child abuse ring who held rape nights


A child abuse ring in Glasgow, known for its “extraordinary depravity”, is facing significant jail terms. The group, consisting of seven members, subjected children to a horrifying campaign of abuse over several years in various locations. One such location was a drugs den, referred to as the “beasty house” by victims. The members were found guilty of rape and sexual assault, with some also convicted of attempted murder.

One of the most horrific acts involved forcing a child to dance in a sexualized manner before being raped, while the group members cheered and filmed the attack. The sentencing, originally scheduled for a recent Thursday, was adjourned for risk assessments. The judge, Lord Beckett, warned the abusers to expect a “very substantial prison sentence” for their “grave and repeated” crimes.

An eighth member was convicted of assaulting a child but cleared of all other charges. Three other accused individuals were acquitted of all counts. The case has shocked the community and highlighted the urgent need for justice for the victims. The sentencing has been adjourned until January 9, 2024, when the final verdict will be delivered. This case serves as a stark reminder of the depths of human depravity and the urgent need for justice for the victims.

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