She tempted me and I fell because I am a man,” says 40yrs old man arrested for raping a minor in Anambra.

Incident Overview:

  • 40-year-old man arrested for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl in Anambra
  • Suspect identified as Anietie Tim
  • Arrest made by Anambra State Government after evading authorities
  • Incident occurred in 2022, suspect accused of evading arrest with help of military personnel
  • Suspect claims victim tempted him and he responded because he is a man with blood flowing through his veins
  • Victim was reportedly st@rved at home according to the suspect

Authorities Response:

  • The Anambra State Ministry of Women Affairs & Children’s Welfare was involved in the arrest of the suspect.
  • Commissioner for Women Affairs, Mrs Ify Obinabo, issued a statement regarding the incident.
  • The authorities took action to apprehend the suspect despite his attempts to evade arrest.
  • The suspect’s defense was noted by the authorities, but he was still arrested and charged for the crime.


In conclusion, the arrest of the 40-year-old man for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl in Anambra highlights the importance of authorities taking action to protect vulnerable individuals in society. Despite the suspect’s claims of being tempted by the victim, the authorities pursued justice and apprehended the individual involved. This case underscores the need for continued efforts to address and prevent cases of sexual violence and exploitation, particularly against minors.

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