The Looming Wave of Legal Actions Against Schools in Nigeria: Time to Pay Attention

Source: TaiwoAkinlamiblog

Incident overview:

  • Over three decades of experience with Nigerian schools reveals a lack of focus on understanding legal implications before decision-making.
  • Emphasizes that law governs all aspects of the school system, making ignorance of legal matters risky.
  • Leaders often overlook the importance of legal counsel’s expertise in education law and children’s rights.
  • Mistaken belief that all lawyers are equally capable, neglecting specialized knowledge.
  • Negligence contributes to increasing legal actions against schools, resulting in defeats and consequences.
  • Rising awareness of parental rights and continued neglect of legal counsel may lead to more legal cases.
  • Urges proactive measures to ensure a supportive and responsible educational environment.


The critical need for educational leaders in Nigeria to prioritize understanding the legal implications of their decisions. With three decades of experience, they highlight a concerning trend of negligence in seeking legal counsel and overlooking the expertise necessary for education law and children’s rights. This neglect contributes to a rising number of legal actions against schools, potentially leading to adverse consequences. To mitigate this trend and foster a supportive educational environment, proactive measures are imperative.

Source of image: TaiwoAkinlamiblog

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