Two Injured As Ibadan Public Secondary School Students Clash After Closing Hour

Source: 365news

Incident Overview:

  • Violent clash between students from several Ibadan-based secondary schools resulted in injuries to at least two people.
  • Schools involved include Ibadan Grammar School, St. Luke’s High School, Olubi Memorial School, St. David’s High School, and Anglican Grammar School Eyin Grammar, Molete.
  • The incident caused tension in the area, leading to residents and passersby seeking safety.
  • Eyewitnesses reported a rivalry clash between students after school hours, resulting in bloodshed.
  • One victim, Samson Ayoola, a Junior Secondary School 1 student from St. Luke’s School, recounted being attacked with a machete while waiting for a friend at the gate of Ibadan Grammar School.
  • The assailant, known as ‘Runner’ from Ibadan Grammar School, targeted Ayoola and his friends, causing injuries as they attempted to flee.


The violent clash among students from multiple secondary schools in Ibadan has highlighted the concerning issue of school-related violence in the area. The incident, which led to injuries and heightened tension in the community, underscores the need for effective measures to prevent and address such conflicts. Immediate intervention and proactive strategies are necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of students and residents in the affected areas. Additionally, fostering a culture of peace, tolerance, and conflict resolution within schools and the broader community is essential to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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Two Injured As Ibadan Public Secondary School Students Clash After Closing Hour

Image Source: 365news

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