Two teenage siblings electrocuted in Lagos

Source: The Punch Newspaper

Incident Overview:

  • Two teenage siblings tragically lost their lives after stepping on an exposed electricity cable in Satelite Town, Lagos
  • The cable fell on Saturday and remained unfixed
  • The siblings, aged 13 and 15, were electrocuted while running an errand the following day
  • Efforts to revive them were unsuccessful
  • The incident led to community protests and police involvement
  • The EKEDC zonal manager was invited for questioning
  • Authorities are investigating the matter to determine accountability and prevent future tragedies.

Authorities Response:

Authorities Response: The police have been informed about the incident, and the Onireke police station received a report. The police are investigating the matter, with the zonal manager of EKEDC invited for questioning in response to the community protests.


The tragic incident of two teenage siblings losing their lives due to an exposed electricity cable highlights the dangers of infrastructure negligence. The lack of prompt action to fix the cable, leading to the fatal electrocution, underscores the need for accountability and swift responses to such hazards. The community’s outcry and protests emphasize the demand for responsible actions by utility companies to prevent such avoidable tragedies in the future.

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Source of image: Tara Energy

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