Zamfara set to implement Child’s Protection Bill

Source: the Guardian Newspaper

Incident Overview:

  • Zamfara Government and UNICEF are working on implementing the Child Protection Law
  • Workshop in Kaduna aims to draft strategy, establish Implementation Committee, and identify resources needed
  • UNICEF supports the state in developing the plan, emphasizing inter-sectoral collaboration
  • Stakeholders urged to actively contribute for a successful and internationally accepted plan


In conclusion, the collaboration between the Zamfara Government and UNICEF to implement the Child Protection Law through a workshop in Kaduna is a significant step towards ensuring the well-being and protection of children in the state. The active participation of stakeholders and the emphasis on inter-sectoral collaboration underscore the commitment to developing a comprehensive and effective plan for child protection. This initiative highlights the importance of partnership and collective effort in safeguarding the rights of children and promoting their overall welfare.

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Source of image: Premium Times Newspaper

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