10-year-old girl breaks world record of longest-written novel after publishing a 58,000 words book

Source: Scholarship Region

Incident Overview:

  • Hephzibah Akinwale, a 10-year-old girl from the UK, broke the world record for the longest-written novel with her 58,000-word book “Chronicles of The Time Keepers – Whisked Away.”
  • She surpassed the previous record of 44,000 words held by an 11-year-old author.
  • Hephzibah’s achievement aims to inspire children, especially those of color, to pursue their creative interests.
  • Her talent has been recognized locally, being selected as one of the top 20 young people to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III by the East Cambridgeshire District Council.


In conclusion, Hephzibah Akinwale’s record-breaking accomplishment in writing the longest novel at the age of 10 not only sets a new standard for young authors but also serves as an inspiration for children, particularly those of color, to follow their creative passions. Her recognition locally highlights the positive impact of her talent and dedication in the community.

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Source of Image: Scholarship Region

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