Nurse accuses Lagos hospital of negligence over wife, son’s death

Source: The Punch Newspaper

Incident Overview:

  • Nurse anaesthetist Prince Ovwiomodiowho accuses R Jolad Hospital of negligence in the death of his wife and unborn son
  • Allegations include inadequate care, lack of competent surgical team and equipment, and delays in necessary interventions
  • Hospital denies negligence, cites religious beliefs against blood transfusion as a factor in wife’s death
  • Ovwiomodiowho seeks justice and accuses hospital of inhumane treatment
  • Hospital disputes allegations, states standard care was provided, blames husband’s refusal of blood transfusion for outcome


The conflicting accounts between Prince Ovwiomodiowho and R Jolad Hospital highlight the complexities and challenges in medical care, especially when religious beliefs come into play. The tragic loss of a mother and unborn child underscores the importance of clear communication, respect for patient autonomy, and adherence to medical standards. Ultimately, seeking truth, accountability, and improvements in healthcare practices are essential for preventing similar incidents in the future.

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Source of Image: The Punch Newspaper

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