A Surge of Legal Actions Arises as Children Become Increasingly Addicted to Video Games.

Source: Bloomberg

Attorneys representing concerned parents are taking legal action against video game publishers, alleging that their products are leading to addiction and serious health issues among young users.

Story Overview:

  • Two mothers, Kushanel Donerson and Jaclyn Angelilli, have stepped forward to join a growing number of lawsuits against the video game industry.
  • Donerson’s 14-year-old son reportedly suffered brain damage, a stroke, and seizures after nine years of intense gaming, while Angelilli’s 9-year-old has been diagnosed with multiple psychiatric disorders due to excessive gaming since the age of 6.
  • These cases highlight a broader trend of parents holding video game publishers accountable for the harmful effects of their products. The legal actions mirror similar lawsuits against social media platforms, indicating a shift in how technology companies are being scrutinized for their impact on public health.


As more families come forward with stories of the detrimental effects of video game addiction, the industry is facing increased pressure to address concerns about mass addiction and its impact on mental health. These lawsuits signal a growing reckoning for technology giants, reminiscent of the legal battles faced by tobacco companies in the past.

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Source of image: Bloomberg Businessweek (Baptiste Virot)

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