Father Helping Son To Sit UTME Arrested

Source: Franktalknews Newspaper

Incident Overview:

  • JAMB Registrar revealed a father was arrested for impersonating his son during the UTME exam
  • Expressing concerns about cheating, he emphasized that impersonation is a major challenge for the board
  • Technology aids in identifying and arresting impersonators
  • Cases of individuals having two NINs were reported, affecting identity verification
  • JAMB will address the issue with the NIMC
  • Candidates missing the exam due to personal reasons will not have a reorganized session
  • UTME results are valid for only a year, as it is a ranking exam, not an achievement test


In conclusion, the case of a father being arrested for impersonating his son during the UTME exam sheds light on the serious issue of cheating and impersonation in educational assessments. The use of technology to detect and apprehend such individuals is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the examination process. It is essential for both parents and candidates to understand the consequences of engaging in dishonest practices and to uphold the principles of fairness and honesty in academic evaluations. The collaboration between JAMB and the NIMC to address identity verification challenges is a positive step towards ensuring the credibility of examination results. Ultimately, upholding ethical standards in educational assessments is vital for promoting merit-based opportunities and safeguarding the integrity of the education system.

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Source of image: Radionigeria

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