Franklin County Schools to Bid Farewell to Librarian Positions Amid Financial Hurdles.

Source: abc11 Eyewitness News

Franklin County Schools in North Carolina is considering a drastic move: eliminating all librarian positions. This decision, part of a proposed budget plan for the 2024–25 school year, has sparked discussions about the future of educational resources in the district.

Story Overview:

  • The proposed plan involves shifting library media coordinators into teaching roles while relying on media assistants to maintain library operations.
  • Superintendent Rhonda Schuhler explained that this decision is primarily driven by financial concerns, including the impending end of federal COVID funding, population growth, and inflation.
  • Consequently, Franklin County Schools is requesting a substantial increase in local and per-pupil funding from the county to meet its needs.

The decision to eliminate librarian positions has drawn criticism from organisations like the North Carolina Library Media Association, which argue that it deprives students of essential resources and expertise. As Franklin County Manager Kim Denton prepares to present the proposed budget to the Board of Commissioners, the fate of librarian positions hangs in the balance.

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Source of image: Franklin County Schools

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