Hospitals, Schools, Courts, Banks: List of Workers to Join Minimum Wage Strike Emerges

Source: Legit News

Incident Overview:

  • Nationwide strike by NLC and TUC started on June 3 after failed negotiations with the Nigerian government
  • Issues include minimum wage and electricity tariff hikes
  • Sectors like fuel distribution, health, and banking services expected to be impacted
  • Affiliated labor unions directed members to comply with the strike for wage increase and policy concerns.


The nationwide strike led by the NLC and TUC in Nigeria underscores the pressing issues surrounding minimum wage and electricity tariff hikes. The potential disruption of essential services highlights the need for continued dialogue and effective resolution to address the concerns raised by labor unions. The outcome of these negotiations will play a pivotal role in shaping the future labor relations landscape in Nigeria.

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Source of Image: Legit News

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