“Basic Math in Kindergarten: Why It’s a Concern”

Source: The Hechinger Report

In Jodie Murphy’s kindergarten class in Aston, Pennsylvania, math education transcends traditional counting exercises. 

Story Overview:

  • Recent activities in Murphy’s class involved innovative math exercises using plastic dots to enhance the students’ understanding of numbers and quantity. This approach not only reinforces basic math concepts but also lays a strong foundation for more complex mathematical knowledge. 
  • Kindergarten is a pivotal year for math education, crucial for fostering “number sense” and preparing students for future academic success. Despite its significance, kindergarten math often focuses on basic counting and shape recognition, overlooking the opportunity to delve into more comprehensive math instruction.
  • To address this gap, initiatives like SpringMath have been introduced, providing supplemental math education to enhance students’ foundational skills.

Kindergarten math proficiency is predictive of future academic success, making it a critical stage for comprehensive math instruction. By fostering engaging learning environments and embracing evidence-based instructional practices, educators like Murphy are transforming kindergarten math education into an enjoyable and enriching experience for young learners.

To read more, click link: https://childreninfobank.com/safebank/basic-math-in-kindergarten-why-its-a-concern/

Source of image: Holly Korbey for the Hechinger Report

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