Surrogacy is a crime in Nigeria, Lawyer warns

Source: The Guardian Newspaper

Incident Overview:

  • Nigerian lawyer Sunny Ekwuwusi warns that surrogacy is illegal under Nigerian law, termed as “Womb Renting”
  • Cites Child Rights Act section 30, prohibiting child buying, selling, or exchange
  • Concerns raised about surrogacy leading to child trafficking and “Baby factory” scenarios
  • Lancet global health study shows 40 million women aged 15-49 face health challenges from childbirth issues, including surrogacy
  • UNICEF reports Nigeria contributes 10% of global childbirth-related deaths
  • While no specific law punishes IVF in Nigeria, Ekwuwusi condemns it as similar to surrogacy involving trafficking of embryos and eggs.


The insights shared by Nigerian lawyer Sunny Ekwuwusi regarding the legal implications and ethical concerns surrounding surrogacy and IVF in Nigeria shed light on the complexities and potential risks associated with these reproductive practices. Ekwuwusi’s warning about the illegality of surrogacy under Nigerian law, the potential for child trafficking, and the health challenges faced by women related to childbirth highlight the need for careful consideration and regulation in this area. As Nigeria grapples with high rates of childbirth-related deaths and social issues like “Baby factories,” the discussion around surrogacy and IVF underscores the importance of balancing reproductive rights with legal and ethical safeguards to protect the well-being of women and children in the country.

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Source of Image: The Guardian Newspaper

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