Outrage over viral video of student being bullied in Abuja expensive school

Source: Punch News

Incident Overview:

  • A Twitter user with username @mooyeeeeeee seeks justice for a female student at Lead British International School, Abuja, reportedly bullied by classmates
  • She Urges post to go viral for victim’s justice, shares videos of bullying incident
  • Videos show victim being slapped and male classmate claiming to have ruined her relationship
  • The Post has now received over 1,000 comments condemning incident and calling for school authorities to investigate
  • Users express shock and anger, suggest involving police and school authorities to address bullying situation.


The incident of bullying at Lead British International School, Abuja, shared by @mooyeeeeeee has sparked outrage and calls for justice from the online community. The videos depicting the victim being physically assaulted and emotionally targeted by classmates have generated significant attention and condemnation. The response from users highlights the importance of addressing and preventing bullying in schools, and the need for school authorities to take decisive action to ensure the safety and well-being of all students. The incident serves as a reminder of the impact of bullying and the collective responsibility to create a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals.

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Source of image: John Hopkins Website

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