Missing child alert issued after W. Richland murders. Victims ID’d as ex-wife, girlfriend

Source: Yahoo News

Incident Overview:

  • An Amber Alert has been issued for ex-police officer Elias Huizar, suspected in two West Richland killings and believed to be fleeing to Mexico with his 1-year-old son.
  • Huizar is suspected of killing his ex-wife and girlfriend, with the ex-wife being a paraeducator at William Wiley Elementary School where a shooting occurred.
  • Another person was found dead at Huizar’s home during a search warrant execution.
  • Huizar was being investigated for raping a friend of his teenage girlfriend and for the legality of his relationship with the teen.
  • Parents were forced to abandon cars as police searched for Huizar, who is considered armed and dangerous.
  • Huizar’s ex-wife filed for a change in custody for their two sons, ages 5 and 9, and had filed for a protection order against him.
  • Huizar, a former Yakima police officer, was arrested for raping a teenager and sexually assaulting her drunk friend.
  • Huizar posted bail, was released, and ordered not to contact his girlfriend or the teen involved in the case.
  • The Uvalde Foundation is offering support for victims and community members impacted by the incident.
  • Classes at Wiley Elementary were canceled, but other Richland School District schools were open with delayed state testing.
  • Huizar is described as 5-foot-6, 170 pounds, driving a silver 2009 Toyota Corolla with license plate CBZ4745.

Authorities Response:

The authorities’ response to the situation involving Elias Huizar has been swift and proactive. They have issued an Amber Alert for Huizar and his 1-year-old son, who are believed to be fleeing to Mexico. Law enforcement officers from various agencies in the Tri-Cities region responded to the shooting incidents and have been actively searching for Huizar and his vehicle. They are urging the public to call 911 if they see the car or have any information on his whereabouts.

Additionally, the Uvalde Foundation, a national nonprofit organization, is offering support and resources for victims and community members impacted by the events. They have opened their 24-hour national school crisis response hotline for those in need of assistance.

The authorities have also taken measures to ensure the safety of the community by issuing a protection order for Huizar’s ex-wife and children, as well as ordering Huizar to surrender his passport, refrain from drinking alcohol, and have no contact with his girlfriend or the other teen involved in the case.

Overall, the authorities have been actively working to apprehend Huizar and ensure the safety and well-being of those affected by the incidents.


In conclusion, the case involving former police officer Elias Huizar has shocked the community and raised serious concerns about the safety of those involved. The alleged incidents of rape, assault, and murder have prompted a swift and thorough response from law enforcement agencies, with an Amber Alert issued and a nationwide search underway. The authorities have taken steps to protect the victims and ensure the safety of the community, while organizations like the Uvalde Foundation are offering support to those affected by the tragic events. As the search for Huizar continues, it is clear that the impact of his actions will be felt for a long time to come, underscoring the importance of swift and effective response to such serious crimes.

Source of Image: Tri-city herald

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