Young girl scores 336 in JAMB, wins full scholarship to university

Source: Franktalknow Newspaper

Incident Overview:

  • Fatima Alkali scored 336/400 in the 2024 JAMB exam
  • Achieved remarkable success and earned a full scholarship to the university
  • Scholarship awarded by CEO of Think Lab Group, Dr. Said Alkali Kor
  • Exceptional achievement highlighted on social media
  • Emphasis on supporting her academic journey and belief in her potential to excel and contribute positively to society

Conclusion: In conclusion, Fatima Alkali’s outstanding performance in the 2024 JAMB exam and the subsequent full scholarship awarded to her by the CEO of Think Lab Group, Dr. Said Alkali Kor, exemplify the importance of recognizing and supporting academic excellence in students. The acknowledgment of her achievement on social media and the emphasis on her potential to excel and make a positive impact in society serve as a testament to the value of investing in education and empowering talented individuals to reach their full potential. Congratulations to Fatima on her well-deserved recognition and scholarship.

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Source of Image: Franktalknow newspaper

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