Plateau Uncovered: Clinic Accused of Performing Illegal Underage Abortions for N5,000

Source: Franktalknews Newspaper

Incident Overview:

  • Dr. Ali Madida accused of running underage prostitution and illegal abortions in Yan-Doya market, Jos
  • Exploits vulnerable girls recruited from impoverished backgrounds
  • Charges hefty fee for abortions regardless of pregnancy stage
  • Evades justice due to financial resources and connections
  • Calls for government intervention to end exploitation, provide free education, and hold Dr. Ali accountable

Authorities response:

The authorities are urged to hold Dr. Ali Madida accountable, revoke his license, and ensure he faces the full force of the law. Organizations like the Nigeria Medical Association and the Plateau State Government are called upon to take action against him.


In conclusion, the case of Dr. Ali Madida highlights the urgent need for government intervention to address issues of underage prostitution and illegal abortions. Community leaders, organizations, and authorities must work together to hold perpetrators like Dr. Ali accountable, provide support for vulnerable individuals, and ensure that justice is served to prevent further exploitation in the future.

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Source of image: Franktalknow Newsppaer

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