Abuja School Sued for N500m as Bullied Student Demands Public Apology

Source: The Cable Lifestyle

Namtira Bwala, a student at Lead British International School in Abuja, recently became the victim of bullying by her colleague, Maryam. The incident, captured in videos on social media, sparked outrage and calls for accountability. In response, Namtira’s family has taken legal action against the school, filing a civil suit at the high court of the federal capital territory.

Story Overview:

  • Last month, disturbing videos surfaced online, showing Namtira being slapped by Maryam while surrounded by other students.
  • The incident garnered widespread condemnation on social media, prompting demands for justice from the public.
  • In the aftermath, the school initiated an investigation into the matter, and Maryam issued an apology to Namtira for her actions.
  • However, dissatisfied with the school’s response, Namtira’s family proceeded to file a lawsuit against the institution. The suit, marked FCT/HC/CV/2341/24, seeks redress for the emotional distress and negligence suffered by Namtira while under the school’s care.

Namtira’s family’s legal action against Lead British International School underscores the gravity of the incident and the need for accountability in addressing cases of bullying. The lawsuit demands not only financial compensation but also a public apology from the school, highlighting the importance of fostering a safe and conducive learning environment for students.

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Source of image: The Cable Lifestyle

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