BREAKING: Popular Yoruba actor, Baba Ijesha appeals conviction

Source: Franktalknow Newspaper

Incident Overview:

  • Nollywood actor Baba Ijesha appeals his conviction for sexual assault of a minor at the Court of Appeal, Lagos Division
  • Sentenced to five years imprisonment by Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo in July 2022
  • Claims he was set up and acted according to a script provided by a colleague
  • Defense argues that Baba Ijesha, as an actor, was following a script given by his colleague
  • Director of Public Prosecution calls for the dismissal of the appeal, citing lack of merit and misconceptions
  • Prosecution urges the court to uphold the judgment of the lower court


The appeal filed by Nollywood actor Baba Ijesha challenging his conviction for the sexual assault of a minor at the Court of Appeal in Lagos Division underscores the complexities and legal intricacies surrounding the case. The contrasting arguments presented by the defense and prosecution highlight the need for a thorough examination of the evidence and legal principles involved. Ultimately, the decision of the appeal court will determine the outcome of this high-profile case and will have significant implications for the justice system’s handling of similar cases in the future.

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Source of Image: Premium Times Nigeria

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