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Our attention has been drawn to a distressing video involving a female student from Lead British International School, Abuja, who is alleged to have been bullied by a peer. This incident has ignited widespread outrage on social media, accompanied by calls for the closure of the school.

As an organization dedicated to the safeguarding and protection of children, we are deeply troubled by this incident. It raises significant concerns about the efficacy of the Child Safeguarding and Protection Policy/System that the school has implemented to ensure the safety of all students within its care.

Just last week, the Coroner Inquest into Sylvester Oromoni’s death concluded. Beyond the court’s final determination, it is on record that the school was advised to implement preventive measures against bullying. This advice indirectly acknowledges that, although the court did not definitively state that bullying was the cause of death, it recognized bullying as a contributing factor to the tragic outcome.

In response, we broadcasted a message on April 19, 2024, on our YouTube Channel(Taiwo AKINLAMI YouTube Channel)to highlight this issue and emphasize the critical lessons we must learn from the events leading to Sylvester Oromoni’s heartbreaking death. Our focus remains steadfast on the need for meaningful change and diligent application of these lessons.

Today, yet another prestigious institution finds itself in the headlines for a similar reason—an alleged case of bullying. This recurring pattern demonstrates a failure to learn from past mistakes and implement effective measures to safeguard our children within the educational system. It is imperative that we break this cycle and ensure that our schools are safe havens for all students.

At this point it is important we retrait the lessons we had earlier stated in Sylvester Oromoni’s case regarding the persistence of bullying within the school system:

  1. Establish a Comprehensive Child Safeguarding System:Implement a codified Child Safeguarding and Protection System as a policy, complete with detailed processes. Train all stakeholders, including students, until safeguarding and protection are deeply embedded in the school culture.
  • Integrate Anti-Bullying Measures:Anti-bullying policies and their implementation should be central to the Child Safeguarding and Protection System/Policy, ensuring these measures are fundamental and effectively executed.
  • Reassess Educational Curriculum:Modify the curriculum to focus equally on behavioral outcomes and soft skills alongside academic learning outcomes. This shift will foster a more holistic development approach, prioritizing behavioral improvement.
  • Foster Collaborative Partnerships for Prevention:Develop robust partnerships between parents and schools to formulate and implement preventative measures against bullying, grounded in strong, shared values.
  • Enforce Governmental Regulations:The Nigerian Ministry of Education must enforce the implementation of the 2015 Violence Against Children Report’s priority actions, which mandate that Child Safeguarding and Protection Policies are prerequisites for all Child-Focused Organizations, including schools.

In Conclusion: A Call for Action and Support

We urge the Federal Ministry of Justice, along with relevant stakeholders, to thoroughly investigate this distressing incident. It is crucial to heed the lessons outlined previously and to provide the affected student with the essential psychosocial support needed for recovery from this traumatic experience.

Looking ahead, our objective must be to prevent similar incidents through systemic change. This involves the rigorous enforcement of existing laws and the introduction of new measures to address any identified gaps. Only through decisive action and committed oversight can we ensure a safer educational environment for all our children.

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In the best INTEREST of our Precious African Children.

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