UTME: Nigeria To Set University Entry Age At 18 to Curb Underage Admissions

Source: Franktalknow Newspaper

Incident Overview:

  • Minister of Education plans to set minimum university entry age at 18 due to concerns about underage students struggling with university demands
  • Emphasized importance of maturity for managing university life effectively
  • Parents urged to ensure children are mature enough before sending them to university
  • Minister praised JAMB for adopting technology to reduce exam malpractice
  • Minister of State for Education commended JAMB’s standards and reliability of UTME, noting its administration beyond Nigeria, including in Saudi Arabia


In conclusion, the Minister of Education’s plan to set the minimum university entry age at 18 reflects a commitment to ensuring that students are adequately prepared for the challenges of higher education. Emphasizing the importance of maturity in managing university life effectively, the Minister’s initiative aims to address the issues faced by younger students in adapting to the university environment. The praise for JAMB’s use of technology to enhance the examination process highlights the ongoing efforts to improve the education system and maintain the integrity of assessments. Overall, these developments underscore the importance of age-appropriate readiness and technological advancements in promoting a conducive learning environment for students.

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Source of Image: Franktalknow Newspaper

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