Montgomery County Inspector General saw Surge in Complaints About School System


Montgomery County’s inspector general has experienced a significant increase in complaints concerning Maryland’s largest school system over the past year, totaling 185 compared to 22 the previous year.

Key Highlight:

-These complaints highlight heightened scrutiny of the district’s handling of conduct reports. Many complaints were referred back to Montgomery County Public Schools for action with consent from the complainants.

-Montgomery County’s school system came under heightened inspection following a Washington Post investigation in August, revealing a middle school principal’s promotion despite facing 18 complaints of workplace bullying, harassment, and retaliation since 2016.

-Issues raised include the handling of funds, allegations of misconduct, and the management of employee complaints. The Montgomery County Education Association expressed concerns about a trust deficit among teachers and emphasized the new superintendent’s role in addressing these issues transparently.

-The Montgomery County inspector general scrutinized the Department of Compliance and Investigations, noting a disorderly management of complaints. He also emphasized the importance of maintaining independence to ensure unbiased assessments of the school system’s policies and practices. This statement underscores the office’s commitment to impartial evaluations without involvement in policy creation.

-Recommendations were made for the district to revise policies and procedures concerning investigations, promotions, and employee behavior.

-Thomas Taylor, the new superintendent of the district, identified a lack of trust as a fundamental challenge facing Montgomery County’s school system. He highlighted rebuilding trust as a critical initial step towards shaping the district’s future positively.

-The district has pledged to implement reforms recommended by the inspector general and provides regular updates on its progress to county officials.

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