Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children begins new initiative to keep homicide rate under 100 this year: Background, Objective, Collaborative Efforts, Strategies and Impact



Background: The city of Columbus recorded a distressing 149 homicides in 2023. In response, the Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children, in collaboration with the City of Columbus, the Columbus Division of Police, and various community and government partners, have launched Operation Under Triple Digits.

Objective: The primary goal of Operation Under Triple Digits is to reduce the number of homicides in Columbus to fewer than 100 in the year 2024.

Collaborative Effort: This initiative is a citywide effort that involves community organizations, residents, local media, faith-based networks, businesses, elected officials, corporations, and law enforcement agencies. These stakeholders are committed to working together to decrease crime rates and enhance safety in Columbus.

Community Involvement: Mechelle Leon, a member of the Mothers of Murdered Children, whose son was a victim of gun violence, emphasizes the importance of citywide involvement in this initiative. The collective effort aims to bring together various community members, including those most affected by violence.

Strategies: Key strategies outlined by the initiative include removing firearms from the streets and providing positive activities and role models for the city’s youth. The approach is holistic, focusing on community engagement and proactive measures to prevent violence.

Comments from Law Enforcement: Deputy Chief Smith Weir of the Columbus Division of Police describes the goal as ambitious yet realistic, requiring commitment from all sectors of the community. The police force underscores the importance of community engagement and the exploration of non-violent alternatives for addressing conflicts.

Impact and Vision: Operation Under Triple Digits is not just an effort to reduce homicide numbers but a movement towards building a safer, more connected community in Columbus. It represents a significant step towards addressing the root causes of violence and fostering a culture of safety and positivity.

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