Outrage as Teacher Allegedly Flogs Lagos Pupil to death: A Crucial Call for Enhanced Child Safeguarding and Protection in Schools

Source: The Punch Newspaper

Story: Tragic School Incident in Lagos

On January 27, 2024, at Araromi Ilogbo Secondary School in Oko Afo, Lagos, a student named David Babadipo tragically passed away, allegedly after being flogged by a teacher identified as Oluwale, who is also the school’s vice principal. David, 16 years old and reportedly ill for some days, was rushed to a hospital post the incident but was confirmed dead. This incident sparked a protest among students, creating chaos in and around the school premises.

Senses: Child Safeguarding and Protection Principles

  1. Duty of Care: Educational institutions and teachers have a fundamental duty to ensure the safety and well-being of their students.
  2. Prohibition of Physical Punishment: The use of physical punishment in schools is an outdated and harmful practice that violates children’s rights.
  3. Health and Well-being: The incident underscores the importance of promptly addressing the health concerns of students and ensuring they receive necessary medical attention.

Stones: Lessons for Parents, Government, and Society

  1. For Parents:
    • Vigilance in Health Matters: Prompt and adequate medical attention for children when they are ill is crucial.
    • Awareness of School Policies: Understanding and advocating for non-violent disciplinary methods in schools.
  2. For Government:
    • Strict Enforcement of Child Protection Laws: Ensuring laws against corporal punishment in schools are strictly enforced.
    • Training and Monitoring: Providing regular training for teachers on child rights and non-violent disciplinary methods, and monitoring adherence.
  3. For Society:
    • Cultural Shift: Advocating for a shift away from physical punishment as a norm in educational settings.
    • Community Support and Vigilance: Communities must be vigilant and report any mistreatment of children in schools, supporting a safe learning environment.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of child safeguarding and protection principles in educational settings, and the roles that various members of society play in upholding these principles.

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