Over the Past Five Years, Close to 1,000 Parents Have Committed the Act of Abducting Their Own Children.

Source: The Standard UK


Recent data has uncovered a troubling trend: nearly a thousand parents have resorted to abducting their own children over the past five years. This revelation comes amidst growing concerns within legal circles about the family court system’s efficacy, with lawyers sounding alarms about delays that may be exacerbating such illicit actions.

Story Overview:

  • In the past five years, nearly a thousand parents have abducted their own children, with a significant portion of incidents occurring in London.
  • Legal experts attribute this rise to delays in family court proceedings, leading frustrated parents to take matters into their own hands.
  • The Ministry of Justice denies these claims despite evidence showing increased waiting times for court resolutions.
  • The Law Society warns of a crisis in the family courts due to backlogs and a lack of investment, with a sharp increase in litigants without legal representation.
  • Barristers emphasise the importance of recognising flags indicating potential abductions and call for urgent action to address court delays, which adversely affect children’s well-being and family stability.


The gravity of the situation is underscored by the Ministry of Justice’s latest data, which reveals over 100,000 cases involving children trapped in court backlogs in 2023 alone. Such delays not only impede parents’ access to their children but also threaten the stability crucial for children’s well-being. Urgent action is imperative to address these challenges and alleviate the burden on families navigating the family court system.

To read more, click link: https://childreninfobank.com/safebank/over-the-past-five-years-close-to-1000-parents-have-committed-the-act-of-abducting-their-own-children/

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