US sues Hyundai, others over child labor at Alabama parts plant

Source: Reuters

Incident Overview:

  • US Department of Labor sues Hyundai, auto parts plant, and labor recruiter in Alabama for child labor violations
  • Children as young as 12 found working at Hyundai subsidiary and other suppliers
  • Complaint names companies employing 13-year-old child, seeking to relinquish profits related to child labor
  • Hyundai claims it no longer owns the supplier involved
  • Labor Department seeks accountability from Hyundai, citing surge in child labor violations
  • Reports prompt rescue of children, initiate investigations, and raise awareness about child labor in the US


The issue of child labor in Alabama has come to the forefront with the US Department of Labor suing Hyundai and other companies for violations. The case highlights the importance of addressing child labor practices and ensuring accountability in supply chains to protect vulnerable workers.

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