Children’s Spotlight of the Week: Advait Kolarkar – The Prodigious Painter

Date (June 19th, 2024)

This week, we shine the spotlight on a truly extraordinary young talent, Advait Kolarkar. At just five years old, Advait has already made an indelible mark on the global art scene with his mesmerizing water-based acrylic creations on canvas. His artistic journey, which began when he was merely eight months old, has seen him achieve remarkable milestones, capturing the hearts of art lovers worldwide.

Advait’s art career soared after a radiant show at the New York Art Expo and a solo stint in Canada. He is one of the youngest artists to be honored with the prestigious Global Child Prodigy Award, an accolade that recognizes the exceptional talents of young individuals from around the globe. The BBC and various other international media outlets have hailed him as a “prodigy,” further cementing his status as one of the youngest and most promising artists today.

Born to Amit Kolarkar, a software engineer, and Shruti Kolarkar, a commercial artist, Advait’s artistic inclinations were nurtured from a very young age. His fascination with art was evident as early as three months old when he would keenly observe black objects around the house. This early interest blossomed into a full-fledged passion, and by the time he was eight months old, he had already begun his instinctive journey into the world of painting.

Advait’s first major break came when his mother showed his artwork to the Art2Day gallery in Pune. The gallery curator, impressed by Advait’s talent, decided to observe him for half a year. This decision proved to be fortuitous, as Advait’s enthusiasm and skill only grew with time. His early paintings, characterized by poetic black strokes, quickly caught the eye of art enthusiasts and collectors.

In a short span, Advait has achieved significant milestones. He has held three solo exhibitions, including one in St. John’s, Canada, and was the youngest participant in the New York Art Expo’s 40-year history. His unique style, which he describes as “spontaneous and instinctive,” is an abstract representation of his vivid imagination. He enjoys experimenting with various tools, including his fingers and hands, to bring his visions to life on canvas.

Advait’s accomplishments extend beyond his artistic prowess. He has also won smiles and admiration through his philanthropic efforts, particularly with the Children’s Wish Foundation. His contributions and kind spirit have made him a beloved figure among his peers and admirers.

Despite his young age, Advait manages to balance his school routine with his passion for painting. His ability to distinguish 200 different shades is a testament to his extraordinary talent and keen eye for detail. When asked why he paints, Advait’s simple yet profound response is, “I don’t know but, I feel like doing it every day.”

Advait’s journey has not only been about achieving personal success but also about inspiring others. In a message to his young friends, he wisely says, “There is a genius in every child; they just need to discover it. Do what you love the most and make it your dream. Discovering your talent early will help you achieve your best potential early on and will make your vision clear. Live your dream and do it with a lot of passion.”

Looking ahead, Advait is excited about his upcoming participation in the rich artistic milieu of Italy. As he continues to explore and expand his artistic horizons, the world eagerly awaits the new stories his vivid imagination will bring to life.

Advait Kolarkar’s journey is a beautiful reminder that age is no barrier to talent and passion. His story encourages us all to nurture our innate talents and pursue our dreams with unwavering dedication. This young artist’s future is undoubtedly as bright and colorful as the masterpieces he creates.

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